Mental Health

My Mental Health is a problem for me. I have Tourette’s Syndrome, which is usually accompanied by OCD, which is often accompanied by substance abuse and social anxiety. So there I am. Each of these essays are snapshots from my life. Written so I can gain more understanding about who I am.

Broke on Through - Jim Morrison and me. Facing fears and Social Anxiety.

A Private Struggle - My response to Methadone, written a month or so previous. Unlike many other resolutions, mine is unlikely to generate any back-slaps or congratulations.

When Everything is Going Well - A surprisingly upbeat and positive assessment of where I am after years of therapeutic writing and talk-therapy.

Race Day - We all have OCD. Watch any runner as she or he prepares for a race. Here's a portrait of mine.

Friends – a sad, depressing self-evaluation. Something I need to work on.

Social Media - ‘cause the tumbling dice and the luck of the draw just leads us on?

Robin - Robin Williams. A broken man, a fantastic actor. Bummed.

What if people purred? - Undisguised emotions would only help society.

Validation -  Handing my parking stub to the bartender: "Can you validate me?" Bartender: "You're a wonderful person!"

Beer Running - An unlikely source of inspiration - joining a running group. Camaraderie AND beer.

Stuff Exploring retail therapy – Women get a bum rap. Men are just as guilty and much better at it. For the most part, I can't seem to join in.

Scouts - None of us like Scouting, so why participate?

Out of the Closet - Pros and cons of going public with my Tourette's Syndrome diagnosis.

T-Shirt - It's hard to part with an old friend, especially when it is a ratty old tee.

Lather - Combine Nick Hornby's "Rob Flemming" with Jefferson Airplane's "Lather" and you have me.

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