I'm a counter-culture guy living in a conservative (libertarian? ) community. My opinions truly don't fit here, but I make them known anyway. Below are musings & rants about our government and our people - often my neighbors. What's right (or usually what's wrong) with our country.

Tidal Wave City - A beach game, a metaphor for short-sighted human development.

Undercrust? - Social Media: a necessary marketing tool? A distracting addiction?

Party for you Right to Party - This poorly named post could show up on any page in this website. It's about music, it's about spinning. But ultimately it's about racism, and those posts go here.

Coffee Break - A rain jacket so unique, I have a ready answer for the inevitable comments.

World War ThreeYou cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

Aging - Magazines add to our self-image problems with air-brushed photos. Cooking Light has turned Michelle Obama into a college student.

Simple Reality - Real Simple magazine has it backwards. Don't buy stuff, declutter.

Pre-Apocalypse – Literature with Post- Apocalyptic themes is all the rage. Thankfully, I’ve moved on.

Racism - Using Donald Sterling and Sarah Palin as a jumping off point to rant about racism.

Stuff Exploring retail therapy – Women get a bum rap. Men are just as guilty and much better at it. For the most part, I can't seem to join in.

Tyson's Corner - Impressions of a big city mall for a small-town family... or now I know how my father felt.

The Worst Generation? - An unappealing comparison of today's society to that of our grandparents' (or great-grandparents' - depending on your age) .

The Food Fight - A civil war oriented cartoon conceived and drawn by my 2 kids and me.

The Elephant in the Room - Written at the start of the health care debate, this is more poignant today than ever. With the Affordable Care Act starting up 2 days ago, we can all wait and see how effective or devastating it is, but the real savings are in a healthier lifestyle. On a side note, my friend Lisa, an extremely fit, educated, and gainfully self-employed woman in her late 40s was unable to buy an individual insurance policy until the roll-out of Obamacare. She is very pleased to have health insurance again.

These are a few of my favorite links: 
The Boeskool - Jesus, Politics and Bathroom Humor

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