I am Charley Rider. I've created this blog as a home for my writing. In truth, it is really five different blogs. The topics areas include:

Mental Health – Mine, which isn’t great but getting better. I have Tourette’s Syndrome, which is usually accompanied by OCD, which is often accompanied by substance abuse and social anxiety. So there I am.

Fitness – An aging runner, a fixed gear enthusiast, an indoor cycle (spin) instructor, a beat up old dude with lots of injuries. I have a lot to say about this.

Rock – I spend more time thinking about this than any adult really should. My spin mixes are as varied as the library of congress on shuffle. Music is often a jumping off point for self-exploration.

Family – (Very happily) married with children. We are a counter-culture clan that is more interested in actualization than achievement. My young teen children are already exhibiting tendencies to question everything (including me). I couldn’t be more proud.

Culture – Counter (see above).

Each of my blog posts is archived on one of these tabs. Because there is so much overlap in topics, some wind up on more than one page.

I write for therapy. I write to purge my demons. I write because I like to tell stories. Because these stories touch on my most personal issues, I have left many names, places and organizations in my writing intentionally vague. Some of the essays may seem more like opinion pieces. These have been written for other outlets.

I  hope that readers find this blog, and, if they do, I hope they find it enjoyable and interesting. Feedback makes me happy – even negative feedback. At least I know people are reading. I recognize that I have strong opinions and a unique way of conveying information. If you agree or disagree, let me know.

Also, if you write or read a blog you think I would enjoy, please let me know. Leave comments on my site or send me an email. I have links posted to some of the blogs I read regularly.

-- Charlie

These are a few of my favorite links: 
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  1. I am going down this rabbit hole. I look forward to your guidance as I traverse this journey without concern of the final destination..

    1. A rabbit hole it is. Dark and cold. Some of it is worthwhile, some less so. Thanks for reading. I suspect the pieces on Fit(nes)s will resonate with you.