Music is important to me. I spend more time thinking about it than any adult really should. My spin mixes are as varied as the library of congress on shuffle. Music is often a jumping off point for self-exploration. Many thoughts I have on songs, bands and musicians draw a parallel to my life. Each of these essays deal with or touch on the topic of rock & roll.

Teresa Gunn - DC rocker transcends her music and does something REALLY important.

A Girl and a Band – my memoir of finding Sonic Youth - A decade after they became a band, Sonic Youth finally got my attention. And they've had it ever since.

Rebellion - Overdoing it on my spin-class play list. 

Broke on Through - Jim Morrison and me. Facing fears and Social Anxiety.

The Best Songs You Won't Hear in Spin Class - My list of twelve unplayable songs, with a bit of background.

Materially Relevant - A bet, a quarter century. Giving Madonna what's due.

Tommy - The last "real" Ramone died yesterday. Bums me out more than you can know.

Tribute to Kiss - Giving the band Kiss a small nod.

Lather - Combine Nick Hornby's "Rob Flemming" with Jefferson Airplane's "Lather" and you have me.

Mix Tape - Remember the mix tape? This bygone era is still missed.

Slowdown Throwdown - DJ-E created a new version of the Cyrus pop classic that completely transforms the song.

These are a few of my favorite links: 
Today in Music History (One of my favorite sites on the web)

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