(Very happily) married with children. We are a counter-culture clan that is more interested in actualization than achievement. My young teen children are already exhibiting tendencies to question everything (including me). I couldn’t be more proud.

Well...How did we get here? - Trading material advancement for a life of self-actualization. Hope it works.

Ammunition - Teaching kids to think about the consequences of their decisions. And having some fun at the same time.

Moab - It really is that awesome, but so is Gettysburg. I'm not sure this is complete, but I've spent too much time with it that I need to blog it so that I can move on.

Slowdown Throwdown - DJ-E created a new version of the Cyrus pop classic that completely transforms the song.

Olympics - A family's schedule is disrupted by must-see TV.

Scouts - None of us like Scouting, so why participate?

Credibility - An attempt to gain some cred from the toughest of audiences.

Family Fitness - Recent column for the local paper. Invited to write from time to time as part of a county task force on physical fitness.

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